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Ephesus 4 gang room controler | Lux-Tech

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Ephesus 4 gang room controler

Ephesus 4 Gang Room Controller

The I-Luxus 4 Gang KNX Thermostat with capacitive touch screen can be used for switching, dimming, shutter&blind control. HVAC functionalities such as cooling and heating or fan coil control are supported. Values from the embedded temperature and humidity sensor are displayed on the LCD screen. Additionally, embedded ambient sensor and light sensor can be added. All parameters can be changed using ETS and send periodically to the KNX Bus.

کلید هوشمند ترموستاتیک
LXT – 204 -BWH
Available colors
DescriptionDisplays environment humidity and temperature on the screen
4 integrated push buttons 
4 status LEDs on the push buttons for operation feedback
Switching, dimming, shutter&blind, HVAC controls, scenes and value control functions are available with push buttons 
Comfort, standby and economy modes are selectable 
Displays the fan level of HVAC products on the screen 
Displays window status using an external magnetic sensor 
EU 2M standard box
Personalize your buttons with different icons
8 mm thickness
3 different colors of status LEDs (White, Blue and Amber)
 CertificationKNX Certified
 Dimension92 x 92 x 33,4 mm dimension
 Weight165 g