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Swich Actuator 12 Gang | Lux-Tech

Swich Actuator 12 Gang

The I-Luxus 12 Gang KNX Actuator features 12 digital dry contact inputs and a LED display. It can be used for switching, shutter&blind, HVAC and fan coil controls. Each channel can support a load till 16A C-Characteristic and AC 230V.

رله کومبو پلاس 12 کاناله
Description12 Output channels, 102A Inrush 
12 Input channels 
Character LCD with 3 buttons for manual control & monitoring
Lighting functions 
Fan coil functions for 2 pipe and 4 pipe systems 
Shutter / Blind functions (AC 230V and DC 24V motor control) 
Wind / Rain / Frost Alarm functions for Shutter / Blind outputs 
Heating / Cooling functions can be selected for fan coil outputs 
Data type converter operations (1Bit / 2Bit / 1Byte / 2Byte) 
Operation as NO or NC contacts per ETS configurable. 
Lamps Incandescent lamp load = 3680W
Fluorescent lamp load = AC 250V 16A, 102A inrush current
Capacitive load = 70uF 10A cosQ=0.9
 StandardsEN 50491-5-1/-2/-3
EN 55032
EN 60730-1/-2-14
EN 61000-4-2/-3/-4/-5/-6/-8/-11
 CertificationKNX Certified
 Dimension180 x 90 x 67 mm dimension / Horizontal & 10 Modules
 Weight420 g